Testimonials Pilot

ACORNS is a vital resource for young female led businesses.  The support and practical help has been invaluable in developing my business.  I would love to be part of ACORNS Part 2!

Ailbhe Gerrard, Brookfield Farm

The ACORNS programme has been instrumental in me making hard decisions for the business, in terms of expansion.  It gave the opportunity to learn from experiences of other early stage entrepreneurs.

Aileen Barron, Green Acre Marketing

Being part of ACORNS has gifted AgriKids with a network of professional business contacts operating within rural Ireland. It also gifted friendship which will go beyond the six month programme.

Alma Jordan, AgriKids

Within a short space of time, I felt I was among friends who shared the ups and downs!

Ann O’Reilly, Zobi

ACORNS has been excellent for my business.  It has made me think outside the box.  It is a very solution focused programme and it has pushed me forward.

Barbara Brown, Brown’s Vineyard

Fantastic platform to meet women in business for a change, as is it normally a “man’s world”.  Excellent programme!

Breda English Hayes, Moet Accountant

ACORNS has given me the confidence and positivity to achieve things I didn’t know were possible.  The support from the network of women along with our Lead Entrepreneur was a massive contributing factor.  This is an exceptionally well run programme and I am proud to have been part of it.

Ciara Shine, Shines Seafood

This was an excellent programme to participate in.  It brought structure, positivity and support to myself and my business.  I would highly recommend ACORNS to any start-up as there is so much to gain from participating.

Collette McGowan, Stripe Marketing

An invaluable programme which has opened my eyes to several new paths my business can now take.  I couldn’t recommend ACORNS enough.

Geraldine Jones, Mediskin

When you start on a new journey you will have to step out of your comfort zone very often and although this can be exciting and stimulating you can also feel self-conscious and nervous of the unfamiliar.  The ACORNS program allows you to “stretch” into these new experiences in a very safe and comfortable environment.

Over the six-month programme you develop your business alongside other female entrepreneurs who are on the same journey as you.  You are guided through new business practises that may not be familiar to you by an experienced mentor. At the end of the programme your business has the potential to grow far faster and stronger than if you had not being lucky enough to attend it. I am very grateful for the opportunity to have attended this programme and I would highly recommend it to all.

Helen McArdle, FeedThePulse

 I applied to ACORNS with no idea of what I would get out of it.  Six months on, the support I have received from the ACORNS Lead Entrepreneurs and participants is enormous.

Jing Farrelly, Zatino Ltd.

ACORNS has been a fantastic experience and support to me and without it my business would never have progressed to where it is now.

Lisa Larkin, Durrow Mills

The whole ACORNS experience has been of value to us as a start-up.  From networking with other female entrepreneurs, building a business structure to your idea, to exploring the future of where you want to see your company going.

Lisa Marie Clinton, Avail Support Ltd.

The ACORNS programme was a great way of learning from others’ experiences, meeting like-minded people and supporting each other through setting up a successful business.

Maeve Sheridan, Western Herd Brewing

Participating on the ACORNS programme has been of significant benefit to me personally as a business woman and to my company.  The programme was run in a professional and structured manner and fostered a culture of camaraderie and friendship between the women participating.  I would recommend it to any female entrepreneur.

Martha Kearns, Storylab

My confidence in my business/self has gone from wobbly to “sure and steady”.

Martina Walsh, Knitanything.com

ACORNS has been the most refreshing experience.  On entering the world of business I found myself in ways unprepared for the decisions and responsibilities I suddenly had to make.  ACORNS guided me and my business through this and I am 100% thankful for having been given this opportunity and hopefully my ACORNS journey continues.

Maryrose Simpson, MyLadyBug

The support, motivation and energy from the group I participated in was electric.  I recommend ACORNS to every ambitious female entrepreneur I meet.  I networked beyond and outside my group too and have engaged in wonderful collaborations with some of the women I have met.

Niamh Hogan, Holos Skincare

ACORNS gave me the opportunity to spend time with other women in business and take an outside view of my company.  It has really helped me to see the bigger picture.

Niamh White, Horetown House

ACORNS is the best start-up programme I have been part of.  I feel so lucky to have been part of such an inspiring and motivating group of women.  I have learnt invaluable lessons and built a strong network of fellow female entrepreneurs that I will remain in touch with for years to come.

Nicki Hoyne, My Shining Armour

A very useful programme, which provides a great opportunity to learn from other successful business experiences.  The programme was an opportunity to take time out from the business and take a “helicopter view”.  I launched a new range of products during the programme and Bo Rua Farm continues to go from strength to strength.

Norma Dinneen, Bo Rua Farm

ACORNS was a truly motivational experience and I leave it feeling inspired to continue the journey that has started over these last six months.

Ruth Graham, Ruth Graham Illustration

I recommend ACORNS to women who have set up their business in the past year.  Receiving this great support from experienced leaders in so many areas of expertise is invaluable.  I will use the knowledge I have received to further my business. 

Valerie Murphy, Valerie’s Breast Care