Testimonials ACORNS 4

Participating in ACORNS 4 has been a fantastic journey. Meeting amazing business women and having their support has pushed me to follow my goals and succeed.

Anna Dobson, Love Mo Chuisle


When I applied for ACORNS, I did so with a view to possibly not being good enough to be offered a place. Upon acceptance, I felt that my business was validated, and it has given me great confidence moving forward with my business.

Asumpta Gallagher, Best Practice


I applied for ACORNS at a time when I felt I had used nearly all of my own activation energy and needed affirmation that steps I had made so far were in the right direction. The confidence, advice and support I’ve gotten from the group has re-fuelled me and broadened my horizons again.

                                Blaithin Sweeney, Your Wellbeing Warrior


ACORNS has been an incredible experience. It has led to me realising the achievements that can be reached with a combination of hard work and support. I am very grateful for the opportunity and recommend it to anyone applying.

Cristiona Ni hIci, Ceile


ACORNS is such a great support for women.

Deirdre Doyle, The Cool Food School


ACORNS has been a great opportunity to meet like-minded people facing similar challenges in business.

Emily Brick, Athena Analytics


I have found ACORNS a super platform when developing your business. Meeting like-minded people just starting or those who have attended ACORNS over a few years and are so willing to help those just starting. There’s such a good feel factor to ACORNS.

Gerardine Ryan, Allwoman


Starting a business can be an isolating, very challenging time. ACORNS gave me a supportive environment where I can give an honest update on progress, safe in the knowledge that all feedback will be constructive and in my best interest.

Jane Downes, Part-time.ie

I highly recommend any budding female entrepreneur to apply for ACORNS. It has made a huge positive impact on my business and given me such motivation to keep going.

Jennifer Doyle, Milbee Studio

ACORNS provides an excellent support network, where the fundamentals of business are covered providing clarity and focus to help you in your business.

Joann O’Brien, Medrec.io

It’s a great opportunity to focus and assess your business, set targets and be held accountable. I also developed as a person and it encouraged me to get out of my comfort zone.

Karin Grace, Copper Castle Foods


Having worked for many years in male-dominated environments, I found the honesty, support and cheerfulness in our group of women to be energising as well as practical. Thank you ACORNS.

Kate Dempsey, Kinsale Mead


The ACORNS network is a key necessity for any female entrepreneur that wants to achieve growth in a strategic way. The network gives access to a wealth of expertise in a multitude of disciplines.

Kay Lyng, K Kajoux


My participation in ACORNS enabled me to clarify my business goals and develop my business within a lovely network of support from my amazing round table group of inspirational women who I now call friends.

Michelle Moyles, Ignite Design & Marketing


Without the advice and support of the women I met through ACORNS I quite simply would not have persisted with my dream. ACORNS has been invaluable, extremely positive and enjoyable.

Niamh O’Sullivan, Rockspun


ACORNS has been an amazing experience for me and my business. The level of support has been 100%. I could not praise it highly enough.

Phil Walsh, Wild Herb Elixirs


ACORNS is a rural support which proved vital for me in converting an idea into a business which is blossoming into a profitable start-up. Without the support of ACORNS, I would not have achieved the goals I set myself out at the start.

Síle Headen, Machado Men’s Grooming


ACORNS is a must for any woman in business. The skills, networks and friendships made will not only help your business grow but yourself grow into a stronger woman. I owe so much to ACORNS and I hope to carry on working with them all in the future.

Taralouise McCaughey, ZINC


Second to none networking opportunities for national and international trading businesses.

Vicki O’Donnell, Wilder Wander