Testimonials ACORNS 2

The support of my group and the practical focus ACORNS has given me more belief that I can succeed.

 Áine Breen, Liwu Jewellery

ACORNS did exactly what it says – ‘accelerates’ you and your business.  My Lead Deirdre and the girls in our group were fantastic support and I am so thrilled I got a chance to take part.

Aisling Kelly, WBs Coffee House

The ACORNS programme provided a huge support for me.  The energy, enthusiasm and passion of everybody involved and the knowledge sharing and support really helped me to focus and drive my business forward.  I also met some great friends!

 Amy Sherwin, Popzle

 ACORNS has changed my business model beyond measure.  I achieved clarity and a clear understanding of what direction to go in with my business.  The Leaders were beyond inspirational, super informed and experts in their field.                               

Angi Dixon, BETTY

Any person starting their own business should apply to ACORNS to encourage the development of the company, for direction, advice, logical discussion, assistance when in doubt, to hear of other peoples journeys, to appreciate even bad days as a learning curve, to develop your own thoughts for your business development in the right direction. 

 Antoinette Butler, Butler Education Centre

With the help of Paula, Triona and the amazing women I met and have become lifelong friends with, my dream has progressed further into becoming a reality.

Aveline O’Sullivan, Bloom in a Box

ACORNS is an acceleratory programme for rural start-ups run by women.  It is pitch perfect in the support it offers and the growth it fosters.  If you can, do it.

Barbara Clinton, Idler Online Publishing

The ACORNS group in the last six months has given me a clearer focus for my business and a direction for business development into the future.  I’m no longer working in isolation in Louth.  There is a very solid pulse of support behind me and I need it.

Bernadette McCullagh, Dúinn Design

There is nowhere that you could get the amount of shared knowledge, experiences, skills sets that is available in one room anywhere else except at ACORNS.  Wonderful experience.

Breda Malaney, Níon Mó Foods ltd

ACORNS is a fantastic experience and support structure any nascent business.  It is particularly beneficial the younger your business is – the outline of each section, the structure, the topics the professionalism are a wonderful resource and I would whole-heartedly endorse participating in any ACORNS event.

 Brid Graham, Splash Swim School

 ACORNS came along at the perfect time for me.  I had an idea but no idea where to begin.  ACORNS directed me along a path to reach all my goals.  I would highly recommend any woman with a business idea to join this amazing network.               

 Brigid Riley, Fernwood

The ACORNS Programme was an invaluable opportunity for me to meet and now work with amazing talented ladies who continue to inspire and motivate leading to an acceleration of the development of my business.          

 Caitriona Considine, Moher Cottage

ACORNS was a great way to build confidence while meeting like-minded people. It gives a great base to future success.

Caitrín O’Brien, Wellnice Pops

Entrepreneurship is an isolating career path.  The excitement and roller coaster of emotions needs to be shared with other likeminded individuals.  It is so important for females especially.     

Ciara Shields, Agtech – Techinnovate

 ACORNS has been invaluable to my business and has provided a support network that will continue for years to come.

 Claire Price, HouseEdit.ie

House   Fantastic opportunity to meet and learn, with and from, amazing women in an open and honest forum. Highly recommended.

 Eilín O’Carroll, Firmount

ACORNS has been the single most important thing I’ve done for my business.  The support has been invaluable, especially since it is from women.            

 Elaine Jacob, Dare to Dream Lashes

 ACORNS was an amazing experience.  It helped me take stock and be proud of my business while giving me the know-how and connection to move forward with confidence.

Finn Ní Fhaoláin, Fins Fit Food/Finn’s World

Prior to joining ACORNS my business was an idea in my head and a prototype on my bed.  It is now a viable business, with a beautifully made product, sold online in Ireland, the UK, US and Switzerland.  We’re learning and growing and ACORNS has helped at every step of the way.                      

Fiona Kealy, The Bed Angel

Having spent six months on the ACORNS programme, I feel that my journey with them as a woman in business is just beginning.  It has built up my confidence and connected me to like-minded women.

 Fiona Lee, Fixit Food

ACORNS has been so beneficial to my business and me personally. I have made amazing contacts and friends. I am more focussed and I can see so much potential for my business in the future.        

Hazel Comyn, Hazel Comyn Designs

Acorns has been a massive support for my business and I feel grateful to be part of a unique business ‘family’ I can call on in the future.

 Jac Keady, Caveman Grub

Acorns was an invaluable experience.  It has been the difference between my business succeeding and failing.

Jane O’Connor, Savvy Security

Being accepted for the programme was an honour.  It is not only a programme but an amazing movement which I am proud to be part of.  It benefited me as a female entrepreneur and my business.  Great support and inspiration I have received motivated me to grow and expand my business.  Thank you.

Joanna Kelly, Digital Greetings Ltd.

Being part of the ACORNS programme, I have gained so much confidence.  I never thought I would be able to do a public speech and I did thanks to ACORNS.

 Joanne Browne, Jo Browne

The best networking group I got to attend.  The quality of the presentation was outstanding, the organisation amazing.  And Paula is one of the most amazing ‘Mentors’.  She cares about each of us and this is clearly something that I was sensitive to.

 Kabira Allain, Kymaia

There is nothing available like the ACORNS programme for female business owners in rural Ireland.  The approach of focussing on not just your business development but on also providing support and encouragement is invaluable and much needed.

 Karen Keane, Bean and Goose Ltd

I feel very grateful for the opportunity to have participated in the practical, informative and genuinely helpful forum of support.  It has helped me to stay focussed and maintain a strategic plan for my business.

 Ladonna McCartan, Nook and Cranny

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience in ACORNS and I honestly could not praise it enough.  I feel like I have gained not only a support network but a  group but friends that I can rely on and gain priceless business advice from.

 Louise Egan, I-SPY Clothing

ACORNS is an excellent programme which provides practical guidance, invaluable resources and endless inspiration for females starting their entrepreneurial journey

Majella McBride, Groupskills

ACORNS provided me with a platform from which to safely and constructively assess my business model against my vision for the business.  Through the positive and transformative power of the peer group, it enabled me to make necessary changes required to plan for sustainable long term growth.

Maria Brosnan, Bake it Easy

I found that having access to an expert business professional very helpful in the first year of business and the friendship and support of other business women on the same journey was invaluable

 Marian Hunt, Emerald Escargot Ltd.

ACORNS has empowered me to bring my business to a different level.  The peer support, friendships and opportunity to network has accelerated my business.

Maura Sheehy, Maura’s Cottage Flowers

ACORNS is a wonderful structured programme that encouraged the formation of a network of likeminded women, who are experiencing the same problems but can all encourage and support each other to achieve goals.

Michelle Beresford, Deise Brú House (former Y Knot)

Being an ACORN changes things at all levels of your business.  I’m so privileged to be part of such an excellent group of entrepreneurs who really understand the challenges I face.  I would recommend anyone to take the step and apply!               

Niamh Gaffney, Directionality

How empowering the experience is, the benefits of networking, being connected to an entire range of mixed skills.  The confidence it instils.        

Nikki Reddy, Celtic Outdoor Activities Ltd

ACORNS was an invaluable experience for support, problem solving, growth and building solid contacts from fellow female entrepreneurs.  It was managed very well and I would highly recommend it to other female start-ups.        

Orlagh Deegan, Choice Training & Consultancy

ACORNS has given me the drive and focus to grow my business.  The confidence I’ve gained along with the support network are invaluable.  There is something magic about the energy and motivation from this group of brilliant women.

Rose Barrett, Folio Digital

Acorns is not only a community but is encouraging female entrepreneurs in their mission of opening their business.

Sheena Dignam, Galway Food Tours

As a female entrepreneur operating in the West coast of Ireland I don’t believe I would have been able to harness this level of support without the Acorns programme.  I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Stephanie O’Malley, Education Desty

Being a part of the ACORNS programme has been pivotal in progressing me personally and my business by providing an invaluable support networking, upskilling and mentor support and helping me to believe that I can do it.  

 Tara Brady, Ireland Planner

ACORNS has given me the confidence to continue with my business and I now know that other women have and are going through the same difficulties and issues that I am experiencing.

 Trish O’Neill, Irish Honey Products