PCRS – GP Online Application Suite – Understanding the features & Maximising Income

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This highly successful and interactive workshop is designed for GPs, Practice Managers and Medical Secretary’s to gain a full understanding of the functionality of the PCRS GP Online Application Suite. We also look at other State schemes that are administered through the PCRS to ensure that your Practice is maximising on income.

Many Practices are working in isolation and just get on with their day to day. It is such a busy environment and regardless of your role within the Practice, it is great to have an opportunity to speak with people in similar roles.

If all or part of your role involves working on the GP online application suite, then you will gain excellent value from this workshop and leave with the tools and knowledge to carry out your role more effectively.

This is what past participants had to say about the workshop;

“A useful concise overview of PCRS online Suite – will help to improve our Practice Management” Fiona – GP Dublin

“I was happy with the content and found talking to other Practice Managers in the group very helpful and insightful” – Linda – PM Dublin

“Really enjoyed this course, Information was valuable and very enjoyable.” Fiona PM – Mayo

“Really enjoyed the training, Asumpta was a great trainer and there is always something new to learn, It was great to have an opportunity to meet with others in similar roles” TINA – PM Galway

“Very Practical, I could take at least 3 areas where we not maximising income” – Maria – PM Mayo

“This was a well delivered and valuable workshop and you learn some very useful tools to ensure that you are maximising on income in the Practice” Susan – GPR Tipperary

Date: Wednesday, May 15, 2019
Time: 9:30 AM
Url: bit.ly/2VeV6Rk
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