Shines Seafood

Ciara Shine

After decades living and working in Ireland’s largest fishing port, it’s no surprise that it was the Shine family who discovered the delicious Albacore tuna.

It was their love for this uncommon fish that led to the setting up of Shines Seafood, the first to source the fish and sell it in Ireland.

The family’s background has always been in fish. Ciara Shine’s father, John, worked as a fisherman for 20 years and her mother, Marianne, worked as a fish buyer and in a fish factory.

They also ran a fish and chip shop, which Ciara started helping out in from when she was young. Ciara, John and Marianne now run Shines Seafood together.

Originally selling the Albacore tuna from their fish shop in Donegal town, they closed it down in order to start importing, packaging and selling the fish under their own brand in April 2015.

Albacore tuna is more moist and delicate than other species of tuna and contains significantly more Omega-3 fats, which normalise and regulate cholesterol.

Participating in ACORNS has led Ciara to take a more pivotal role in running the company. Being surrounding by other business owners spurred her on to develop the company even further.

Shines Seafood started selling into 13 SuperValu stores through its participation with The Food Academy and help from Donegal and Leitrim LEOs. It is now in more than 200 SuperValu stores, as well as independent shops across the country.

It also has branched out into new products and hopes to soon export to the UK, the US and Russia.


T: +353 87 2188021
Twitter: @shinesseafood